Case Study | Optimizing Routes

See how a meal delivery company used Goose to save time

Plate Therapy hand-crafts meals for people with a busy-bee lifestyle, so healthy eating is no longer a challenge.  They currently have two drivers and are still growing.  Plate Therapy recently moved into a larger kitchen and is cooking up BIG things in the Los Angeles area.

Previously Danielle would spend hours mapping out her customers’ deliveries and creating routes by hand.

Danielle would utilize Google maps to determine how long the routes would take & “guesstimate” ETA’s for her clients.  She would then go through and text them all individually the next day as their meals were on the way.  This presented a major distraction for her when her time was better used focusing on running her business.

Danielle now uses Goose to build and optimize routes and dispatch them to her drivers’ smartphones within minutes.  She spends less time creating routes and more time cooking up healthy, delicious meals.   Her customers are happier because her drivers send out ETA alerts with a click of a button when they are in-route to each delivery.