Case Study | Managing Deliveries

See how a meal delivery used FieldLogix to grow their company

Since 2010, Dine in 2Nite has been preparing and delivering your favorite restaurant dish to the comfort of your home. With confidence, they provide you and your family with healthy and quality meals.

As Dine in 2Nite began growing their business into other areas, they needed tools to be more organized and manage deliveries. Dine in 2Nite spent hours manually inputting stops, creating routes, and checking the status of their deliveries. They realized they needed tools to help them manage their deliveries as they expanded.

Dine in 2Nite uses Goose to help them build and dispatch routes as well as improve customer experience with ETA alerts and customer feedback tools. They enjoy the flexibility of updating routes while their drivers on the road and checking driver status and location updates throughout the day.