Case Study | Optimizing Delivery Routes

See how a meal delivery company used FieldLogix to keep up with growing customer demand

Based in Toronto, Canada, Essential Meal Delivery is unique to the industry by providing clients with the option to pay a one time fee to individually craft their meals. They have a high demand of delivery orders to offices, gyms, and homes.

With their growing demand of meal delivery orders, Essential Meal Delivery found their current software to be limiting. The system allowed them to create routes, but they had to manually text them to their drivers. They felt that the software they were using was not providing them with enough tools to help them plan, manage, and complete their deliveries.

In order for Essential Meal Delivery to continue serving more areas they needed the proper tools at a good price to help them along the way. Goose provides them with optimized routes, which they can dispatch directly to their drivers’ devices. Drivers can automatically view all of their routes before starting their day which helps make the workday smoother. Additionally, Goose gives them the ability to “drag & drop” individual stops, communicate with drivers, and provide their waiting customers with ETA alerts. Essential Meal Delivery sums up their experience with Goose by saying that they, “love all the features and think it’s at a great price!”