Case Study | FieldLogix Helps HVAC & Solar Companies

See how FieldLogix helps 2 large energy companies improve productivity

When a summer heat wave hit Toledo, Ohio and surrounding communities, the demand for air conditioning repair skyrocketed for Chris Weeks and his air conditioning repair specialists at RLG Builds. Weeks’ company is headquartered in Toledo, has three other offices in surrounding areas and provides air conditioning installation and maintenance to customers in four cities located in both Ohio and Michigan.

With customers and employees spread across a handful of cities, Weeks uses FieldLogix’ tech reporting capabilities to assist with service invoicing. His FieldLogix fleet management system allows his team to document the exact timing and work for every service call, giving his workers more time to ensure they are providing a great customer service experience on the jobsite. This also guarantees the customer is billed accurately and fairly for the time of each technician on the job. For Week, FieldLogix’ fleet management system allows him to track his employees work time from afar. “It [also] helps us with performance-based yearly review for our workers,” he said.

Meanwhile in Southern California, Jim Jereczek and his team of San Diego solar installation techs are rushing to keep up with customer demand. While heat waves don’t influence his business, the higher fuel prices, coupled with the limited availability of electrical power, are adding to customer’s eagerness to have their homes solar powered. Due to the increasing demand of solar installation, efficiency is a key component to keeping his customers happy. With Fieldlogix fleet management system, “When a call comes in, I can pick the right guy who is closest to our customer,” he said.

In addition to quickly assigning jobs to his employees, Jereczek has seen several advantages to how Fieldlogix fleet management system can help him monitor his installation team’s locations. “If a driver has a vehicle in a Jack in the Box parking lot, our FieldLogix management system can alert me,” he said. This feature allows Jereczek to monitor the time each of his employees spends on the job and ensures his team is being as efficient as possible. FieldLogix’s software also allows him to track the driving behavior of each driver. “Some of my drivers like to take the long way to a job,” he said. “The software alerts me when they decide to take a company vehicle and make a detour for a personal stop or delay getting to their next job.”

Yukon Palmer, the Chief Service Promoter of FieldLogix, said his field resource management software allow managers like Weeks and Jereczek to increase efficiency by also monitoring road conditions. When a major road closure happens because of an accident or repairs, their dispatch team can alert the customers of possible delays and keep them updated to avoid frustrations.

For a business that has multiple employees on the roads throughout the day, fuel is usually a top expenses. In mid-July of 2018, fuel prices in Ohio ranged from a low of $2.60 to about $3 a gallon for Weeks and $3.50 to $4 per gallon for Jereczek’s team in southern California. Avoiding major road stoppages not only enhances the customers’ experience, but can also save money for companies like RLG Builds and SD Solar.

Lower gas bills, increased productivity and customer satisfaction provide three key benefits for FieldLogix’ growing list of benefits, Palmer notes. FieldLogix’s HVAC vehicle tracking system has helped improve productivity for hundreds of HVAC fleets throughout North America. Simply by using FieldLogix’s system, users are able to streamline dispatching, increase billed hours, and ultimately improve client satisfaction.