Case Study | Reducing Maintenance & Repair Costs

See how we helped a large mechanical contractor reduce their maintenance expenses

Fidelity Building Services is a mechanical contractor that has more than 10 locations throughout Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Tabitha Tingley, the assistant controller, was experiencing an influx of customers looking for air conditioning repairs. To make things even more stressful, a handful of her 312 company trucks were in need of repairs to keep them on the road. Given her fleet covered a four state region, ensuring that all of the trucks were properly serviced was no easy feat.

Luckily, Tingley uses the reporting features in FieldLogix to alert her of vehicle repairs at the suggested maintenance times for her entire fleet. FieldLogix is able to notify her of the exact vehicle that is scheduled for maintenance. This saves time, ensures driver safety, and ultimately prolongs the vehicle’s life. Additionally, FieldLogix’s software will alert Tingley if her employees are driving too fast or recklessly, which could influence the overall health of the vehicle as well. “Our drivers know they are being monitored at all times,” she said.

Bill Brehm, a former fleet manager and an analyst for James Brehm and Associates, said fleet management systems can keep track of a variety of maintenance issues, such as oil changes. “Some drivers hate taking the time off the job to take care of even a 5000-mile oil change” he said. “Software fleet management services can alert decision makers when to schedule a vehicle for an oil change and other required automotive maintenance while the driver is participating in other mandatory training.”

Having trucks that are running properly is a crucial element to ensuring your business is running as efficiently as possible. Using FieldLogix’s reporting system to help you monitor the health of your trucks and alert you when they are due for maintenance is an essential cornerstone of remaining profitable.