Case Study | Lowering Fuel Bills

See how we helped RLH decrease their idling & speeding averages to save fuel

RLH Fire Protection designs, installs, inspects and repairs fire suppression systems throughout California. They operate a fleet of 50 vehicles throughout their regional offices in Bakersfield, Pleasanton, and San Francisco.

RLH purchased FieldLogix back in 2010 because they had concerns about rising fuel expenses, inaccurate time sheets, as well as challenges in supervising employees working throughout a very wide geographical area.

During a recent call with Eric Geye of RLH, we discussed the trends report that displays fleet idling and speeding averages after a specific point in time. Eric, a new fleet manager at RLH, had enacted a new policy regarding idling and speeding shortly after taking on the role. Eric pointed out a sharp decline in idling and speeding averages in the report by saying “Do you see the how the trend reports began show a downward trend from the month of May onward? Well… I started working here in May.” Thanks to the trends report, Eric was able to show upper management the impact of his policy and his contribution to reducing the organization’s fuel expenses.

The FieldLogix GPS Fleet Management system helps companies reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and wasteful activities. It reduces the management headaches experienced by fleet managers by providing them with more control and making drivers accountable for their actions.