Installation Instructions for the GenX 5P and GenX 6P OBD-II Tracking Devices with the “Y” Wiring Cable

Tools required: 7mm ratchet wrench & zip ties (provided in package)

Find the vehicle’s OBD-II port location. It is typically below the driver’s side of the dashboard or in the center console.

Remove the vehicle’s existing OBD-II bracket with a ratchet wrench (typically 7mm).

Remove the vehicle’s female OBD-II port from the bracket.

Plug the male adapter from the tracking device’s harness into the vehicle’s female OBD-II plug.

Secure the connected plugs below the dashboard with a zip tie.

The female end of the OBD-II plug should be exposed so it can be mounted into the vehicle’s bracket.

Use the ratchet wrench to mount the device’s female OBD-II port into the same location as the vehicle’s original OBD-II port.

Zip tie any excess wire to a wire loom behind the dashboard.

Plug the rectangular plug into the device.

With the QR code sticker facing down, route the device under the dashboard toward a location in the upper portion of the dashboard (if possible)

Find a secure location below the dashboard to mount the device. Use zip ties to secure it to a wiring bundle or to the vehicle’s frame to ensure that it does not slip out while the vehicle is in operation.

Required Information

Record the serial number for the device and the VIN/Year/Make/Model of the vehicle on your worksheet for activation.

Testing the Device

In order to test the device, the vehicle must be parked outside in an open area so that it can receive a GPS lock. The device’s LEDs will indicate proper operation.

Green LED’s

The unit will power up as the vehicle’s ignition is turned on. The Green LED will show solid
for approximately 30 seconds (there may be some brief flickers initially while the processor
initializes). At no other time should the green LED remain on solid for such a long period.
After 30 seconds the green LED will start to flash at the following rates:
– 25 times on-off every 10 seconds when the ignition is on (this is quite rapid)
– 8 times on-off every 10 seconds when the ignition is off (this is quite slow)
– Very short blip once every 3 seconds when in sleep mode

Red LEDs

The RED LED flashes 2-digit codes. Roughly speaking the first digit tells you what general
area is having a problem (hardware, modem, GPS, end-end service). The second digit
gives specific error information. Since there can be more than one error condition the
unit rotates through the error codes (for example if GPS is tracking no satellites and the modem is not registered).

Record this info on the worksheet provided and email it to us at or call us at 888-803-0200 to activate your device. The devices will display in our system the next time the vehicle is turned on after activation.

Download full installation guide here

Contact us at 888-803-0200 Option 2 if you encounter any issues with the installation