Why Small Businesses Should be Using a GPS Fleet Management System

improve-the-bottom-line-with-gps-fleet-management-systemGPS fleet tracking systems should be used by any and every business involved in field services – even small business with only a few fleet vehicles – and here’s why. Whether you operate a fleet of one or one thousand, the impact of today’s fleet management solutions are universal.  It seems now is the prime time to be taking advantage of fleet management solutions — no matter what the size of your fleet. Now, more than ever before,  GPS tracking and fleet management solutions are a must-have because without it, you’re leaving money on the table.

When most people think of GPS fleet management, they think of large corporations like FedEx or UPS who operate thousands of trucks across the nation. It’s easy to imagine how using a fleet GPS management system would benefit companies like this.  But it’s not as intuitive to realize the huge impact that a GPS fleet management system can have on a business with just a few vehicles.  When the GPS fleet tracking industry first began, systems were bulky and very expensive to install and operate, but this certainly isn’t the case today. Over the last few years, fleet management systems have evolved and are much more affordable, reliable and useful than even before.  Just as the internet and smartphone technologies have exploded, so have the advancements and capabilities of the telematics industry.

In the past, a small business involved in local field services just couldn’t justify the investment in a GPS fleet management solution.  But today this is not the case.  The largest growth in the GPS fleet management industry is coming from local service fleets because, for the first time, they are able to experience a significant ROI. Now that GPS fleet tracking and management systems are more affordable than ever before,  investing in one makes more sense than ever.  First and foremost, a GPS fleet management system improves the bottom line.  In light of today’s tough economic climate, small businesses need all the help they can get to increase profits. This is what’s driving the growth in the rapid increase in small business  implementation. But in addition to cutting costs, fleet management systems enable better decision making and  simply make life easier.

By knowing the exact real time location of their fleet vehicles, business owners can maximize vehicle usage and optimize resources.  Routing and dispatching are greatly improved, and extended breaks and unauthorized trips are eliminated, decreasing fuel costs, liability and limiting the number of miles put on the vehicles. In addition, solutions can track idle time and monitor speed, resulting in additional fuel savings as well as increased driver safety. Because many fleet vehicles are only getting 10 – 20 MPG, the savings from cutting just a few miles per day can really start to add up. By tracking vehicles, not only do you eliminate wasted miles and unnecessary fuel costs, but so, too, do you ensure you’re utilizing your labor effectively.

A fleet management solution provides small businesses with concrete data about the performance of mobile workers and assets instead of wondering what happens when workers drive away each morning. You’re able to understand the utilization of your fleet, which helps you to make better decisions about vehicle replacement, maintenance, and purchasing. The real-time information allows you to make informed decisions on the actual use of your fleet instead of relying on guess work — eliminating manual methods of tracking vehicle maintenance, the risk of purchasing a vehicle too soon and not needing it, or purchasing it too late and missing out on revenue.

Optimizing your resources is not only smart and cost efficient but it is good for the environment, too. Not only does a GPS vehicle tracking system help to cut fuel costs but it can also reduce vehicle emissions that contribute to pollution and global warming. Whether you believe in global warming or not, no one can argue that pollution and smog are a good thing, so anything you can do to reduce your carbon footprint is an improvement you can feel good about.