Green Fleet Management Conference Coming to San Diego in October

green GPS fleet management The Green Fleet Conference will be taking place in San Diego next month.  In light of today’s environmental issues and corporate responsibility expectations, the concept of Green Fleet Management should be important to all fleet managers, whether you have a fleet of one or one thousand. Developing and managing a green fleet requires a thorough knowledge of available products, technologies, and an in-depth cost-benefit analysis, plus much more.

The Green Fleet Management Conference will provide “two intense days of education and dynamic dialogue for green fleet managers,” according to Bob Brown, conference chairman and Automotive Fleet associate publisher. The Green Fleet Management conference “is the only alternative-fuel and technology event that combines and focuses solely on car and truck fleets with an environmental sustainability component,” Brown ­explained. The Green Fleet event features in-depth education sessions, a first-time ride & drive event, and valuable networking opportunities.

The team at FieldLogix, an industry leading provider of the most unique Green GPS Fleet Management System, is looking forward to the Green Fleet Management event.  Not only is it in San Diego where FieldLogix is based, but the Green Fleet Conference will provide attendees with valuable insights, ideas, and examples to help fleet managers create the most cost-effective and environmentally conscious Green Fleet possible for your company.

The Green Fleet Conference is scheduled for Oct. 18-19, 2010 at the San Diego Town & Country Resort. Attendees will receive the following benefits, according to the conference website:

* Focused information dedicated to building cost-effective, sustainable fleets. * Easy-to-implement tools and practical solutions to save money and improve efficiency. * Up-to-date knowledge on the state of the industry and future trends. * Facts and methods to drill down to accurate and relevant information. * Sources and strategies to identify available money to implement and improve green programs. * In-person case studies and real-world examples. * Hands-on vehicle test driving and product demonstrations. * A platform to exchange ideas, ask questions, and build strategic alliances. * The opportunity for personal attention and quality time with current and potential vendors. * Take-home information that will quickly return attendees’ investment.

Below is a list of scheduled seminars that will help fleet management to save money, increase efficiency and stay current on trend forecasts.


Proven ROI of Green Fleet Strategies Moderator: Dan Hannan, Donlen

Case Studies of Commercial Fleets Using Different Alt-Fuels Moderator: Greg Corrigan, PHH Arval

Real-world Applications of Alternative Fuel Vehicles Moderator: Elisa Durand, Assistant Manager of Environmental and Fuel Strategies, ARI

Impact of Electric Vehicle Deployment on Commercial Fleets Speakers TBA

The Future of Global Electrification Speaker TBA

GOVERNMENT SESSIONS: How the City & County Fleets Reducing Carbon Footprints Today? Presenter: John Alley, City of San Diego

Sharing Best Practices in Green Fleet Management Moderator: Matt Betz, LeasePlan USA

Case Studies: Commercialization of Hybrid Powertrains for Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks Speakers: TBA

A Tale of Two Cities Overcoming Economic Obstacles, While Going Green Speaker: Rick Longobart, Corporate Yard Facilities/Fleet Services Manager, City of Santa Ana, CA

What Clean Cities Do for Fleets Moderator: Wendy Defoe, Project Leader, NREL Fuels and Vehicles Deployment


How FedEx Makes Sustainability an Integral Part of its Business Model Presenter: Dennis Beal, Vice President, FedEx

Innovative Solutions on How to Save Money Moderator: Bob Brown

The Benefits of Joining the DOE Clean Cities Partnership Program Speaker: TBA

How to Stay Up-to-Date on Available DOE and EPA Grants

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