West Coast Gas Prices Up 54 Cents This Year

The average retail price for a gallon of regular gas in the U.S. rose to $3.72 on Tuesday, but good luck trying to find gas below $4 a gallon in many parts of the country.

As gas prices have risen in 2012, it has not been an even increase across all regions.

AAA-Gas-Prices-Heat-MapThose in the center of the country continue to be supplied by refineries with access to cheaper, landlocked crude products, meaning that these areas have been relatively insulated from the increased prices seen in those areas near the coast that must pay prices set on the global market.

Pacific Coast states have seen an average increase of 54 cents per gallon since the start of the year, while prices in Mountain West states have increased by only 16 cents during the same period, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.

A full list of price increases by region is included below.

In 12 California cities, the average price of gas has already topped $4.25. “California typically has higher gas prices due to the special blend of gas mandated by the state. This blend of gas burns more cleanly for pollution control,” said Jason Toews, a co-founder of GasBuddy.com.  ”Also, there was a refinery fire at a BP refinery in Washington state that has led to regional supply disruptions.”

The price of crude oil and upheaval in some parts of the world has also played a role in rising gas prices, according to analysts.  ”Any time you have uncertainly with Middle Eastern countries, speculators drive up the price of crude oil,” said Towes.  ”If war breaks out with Iran, that could cause gas prices to go even higher – even as high as $5 or $6 per gallon.”

With gas prices continuing to inch up, we asked Gasbuddy to compile a list of areas with the highest prices. The 15 areas with the highest gas prices are all in California.

Here’s a list of the 25 highest gas prices in the U.S.:

  1. Santa Barbara CA 4.350
  2. San Francisco CA 4.346
  3. Los Angeles CA 4.330
  4. San Diego CA 4.315
  5. Ventura CA 4.314
  6. Orange County CA 4.312
  7. Riverside CA 4.293
  8. San Jose CA 4.284
  9. San Bernardino CA 4.279
  10. Oakland CA 4.276
  11. Bakersfield CA 4.276
  12. Salinas CA 4.265
  13. Fresno CA 4.205
  14. Stockton CA 4.201
  15. Sacramento CA 4.200
  16. Honolulu HI 4.197
  17. Modesto CA 4.189
  18. Chico CA 4.181
  19. Anchorage AK 3.993
  20. New York City NY 3.993
  21. Long Island NY 3.988
  22. Medford OR 3.984
  23. Seattle WA 3.962
  24. Eugene OR 3.961
  25. Bridgeport CT 3.958


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