Verify Employee Time Sheets With A Fleet Tracking System *Quick and Easy

fleet tracking system blackberryManaging mobile employees is tough. Often times managers do not know exactly where and what their employees do when they are out in the field. It can be difficult to measure employee productivity and job performance. This is where a fleet tracking system can help.

A fleet tracking system monitors vehicles with GPS in real-time. A fleet tracking system can also monitor a driver’s speed, time of  engine start up and shut down, driving routes, and time spent idling. This vehicle data can provide accurate information so users can quickly and easily verify an employee’s time-sheets.

Without a fleet tracking system, there is no way to verify a driver’s location, routes or to ensure that employees only use vehicles for authorized trips. Jason Bailey, CEO of Vanguard Alarm Services, said, “My guys travel quite frequently but FieldLogix (fleet tracking system) gives me the exact time when an employee started a vehicle, when he arrived or left a job site, and when the vehicle was shut off. l know exactly how long the employee took at each site and how long they worked during the entire day.”

One very useful feature is called present-time and archival routing information. It tells managers exactly where drivers have traveled and where they are heading. By combining location- and time-based information, you can easily verify employee hours and track the exact number of hours to charge customers.


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