Garmin App Turns Your iPhone Into a Personal Fitness Trainer

Garmin fitness appGarmin, one of  the world’s largest GPS manufacturers, has developed a new fitness app that lets users track their workout speed, pace, distance, time, and calories on their cell phone.

The Garmin Fitness App works with Garmin Connect, which lets users upload their workout data and share it with others. The app can also monitor your heart rate, but users have to purchase extra Garmin (GRMN) accessories to take advantage of the heart rate monitoring features.

Garmin’s ANT+ adapter for the Apple (AAPL) iPhone allows users to connect their iPhones to ANT+ fitness accessories and workout equipment. ANT+ is a wireless standard for health monitoring information, connecting heart rate monitors and exercise machines to let users watch their performance accurately without cables.

This isn’t the first ANT+ adapter for the iPhone, but it is Garmin’s first, and it could be the only one that works with the Garmin Fit app.  The adapter is required to monitor heart rate through accessories on the Garmin Fit App, which indicates that the Android version of the app can’t track that information.

The Garmin Fit App can also control music playback and display incoming calls and text messages, so you can keep an eye on your phone’s favorite features without interrupting your workout.

In addition to a panoptic line of GPS devices, Garmin has developed several iPhone adapters and wrist-watches for fitness enthusiasts. The fitness app is currently available on iTunes and the Android Market for $0.99. The ANT+ adapter is currently available on Garmin’s web site for $49.99.

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