Tracking System Monitors & Reports on All Students, Staff & School Visitors

student tracking system badgesID Card Group’s Teacher-in-a-Box is a comprehensive school check in system for visitors, staff and students.

The attendance and tracking system enables schools to badge, track, and report on all students, staff and visitors entering and leaving campus.

Using the tracking system, schools can easily create and print plastic student photo ID cards and temporary adhesive visitor badges; track student attendance; record tardiness; issue late slips and parent email notifications; and track and report on entries and exits.

The student tracking system can date and time stamp every visit on campus. The tracking system archives all the details of the visit, including date and time, photograph of the visitor, who they are there to see, and what their destination is in the school.

If the image that is retrieved from the state issued photo ID does not clearly represent the current appearance of your visitor a Webcam can be used to quickly capture a current image.

“Educational institutions are tasked with finding cost-effective solutions for maintaining secure campuses and tracking student and visitor access and attendance,” says Mark Soeth, ID Card Group president. “Our new student tracking and attendance system provides schools with all the tools they need in one easy-to-use system – and hopefully makes their jobs a little easier.”

student tracking systemICG’s attendance and student tracking system offering educators a turnkey solution with top-of-the line hardware, software, and accessories – all pre-configured to work together. It integrates seamlessly with existing data and computer systems, providing a low cost, easy solution for any educational setting – from preschools, to K-12 schools, to college campuses.

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