Tracking System Changes How Teachers, Parents Track Student’s Work and Grades

Tracking System Facilitates Real-Time Communication Between Teachers, Students and Parents

Technology is changing the way teachers and parents keep track of their child’s school work and attendance in Bakersfield, CA. Last week a web-based student tracking system was launched at select schools in the Kern High School District (KHSD).

The school district is replacing its 25-year-old system in favor of the new web-based student information tracking system.

Parents are using the new student tracking system to see on a computer if their child has been attending all classes, what his assignments are for the week, and what grades he has received  on past assignments and tests.

Smart phone users can access their student’s accounts through a phone application, officials said. And an alert system can tell parents when students are absent or have low grades.

Parents can track their child’s academics and communicate better with teachers, and vice versa.

Teachers appreciate the improved line of communication with parents, and easiness of taking attendance and grades. For more than 25 years, those tasks have been done on paper and through a rudimentary black screen, green letter computer system.

Most teachers, counselors and school administrators agree that the tracking system will be a big improvement over the school’s old system.

“It’s a tremendous tool,” said Castro, mother of a Stockdale High senior on the honor roll. “He knows he has to be more responsible because I’m tracking him.” (Source: Bakersfield News)

Students can choose classes using the online system.

It’s taken this long to update the system because of the costs, officials said, and because the older system still functions fine. The new tracking system allows student data to be transferred from campus to campus, while the old one does not.

The tracking system was created by Edupoint Educational Systems. It will go live at every KHSD campus for the 2012-13 school year. The KHSD has over 37,000 students.



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