Soccer Star Caught After High Speed Chase in Stolen Car with Vehicle Tracking System

Well known soccer star Jaba Mahlangu aka “Pule” was busted this weekend in a stolen car. After the vehicle was reported stolen, vehicle tracking company Netstar was immediately notified. The NetStar vehicle tracking system was able to help police find and recover the stolen vehicle. The suspects apparently had no idea the car was equipped with a GPS tracking system.

The stolen vehicle was not easy for police to recover. The driver of the vehicle was trying to lose the police and drove at very high speeds in an attempt to get away. Using the GPS signal from the vehicle tracking system along with the help of an overhead flight squad, law enforcement finally was able to catch the driver and recover the stolen car.

Three other men were in the car when police finally caught them. Mahlangu was not driving the car and all four of the men were arrested.

This is not Mahlangu’s first run-in with the law. The African soccer star is known for being a “bad boy” and has been arrested several times. He is also  known for his disappearing acts before major soccer matches and numerous visits to drug and alcohol rehab centers.

In 2003 he was accused of kidnapping a young girl.  In 2005, he was  involved in two drunk-driving accidents. In 2007, he was accused of raping and kidnapping a 19 year old girl.


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