GPS Fleet Tracking System Saves Alzheimer Patient’s Life

Many people are aware that a GPS fleet tracking system can help companies save money on fuel, increase productivity and improve the bottom line. Some fleet tracking systems even help companies go green by reducing vehicle emissions. But a recent story proves that fleet GPS systems can also provide a myriad of other benefits – including saving a father’s life.

A woman in Louisiana, Joyce Rawls, was concerned about her father because his mental facilities were deteriorating due to Alzheimer’s disease.  Anyone who has seen someone they love suffer from Alzheimer’s knows how painful and difficult this must be. The woman decided to purchase a GPS fleet tracking system and had it installed in her father’s vehicle in 2008. Turns out this decision may have saved her father’s life.

The fleet tracking device was installed in her father’s truck for two years before they needed to use it to find him. Then, in April of 2010, her father left the house and either forgot where he was going or forgot how to get back home.

According to a recent press release from TrackNet, the woman said, “My mom called and said that he had not made it back home,” Ms. Rawls reports. “I immediately knew something was wrong and pulled him up on the computer, with our tracking system.” She found her father’s truck in Shreveport, LA, over 30 miles south of his home in Plain Dealing, La. Ms. Rawls immediately called the police in Shreveport, La. and they were curious as to how she knew her father was there. “When I told the police about the tracking unit in my father’s truck and that he has Alzheimer’s, they were very impressed and said it was a smart idea.”

Police were able to locate Ms. Rawls’ father within a few hours.  Apparently he was driving in the wrong direction, away from his home,  as the police were trying to track him down. Without the GPS fleet tracking system, there is no telling where he may have ended up before being found.

Ms. Rawl said: “If it had not been for this tracking unit, we may have never found him or found him too late. I am so thankful and grateful for this product. My father is now in a nursing facility that has an Alzheimer’s unit. I am writing this story because I wanted you to know how well your product has served my family and that it was worth every penny.”

Wandering seems to be a frequent occurrence for many Alzheimer’s patients. There have been many studies reporting that over 60-70% of all patients with these diseases will become lost at least once. Many expert estimates have reported that if not found within 24-48 hours, 50% of  elderly patients end up dying or severely hurt. GPS tracking devices can help to keep those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s safe without being too invasive or making the patient feel inadequate.





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