Smartphones Tracking You, Even with GPS Off

Most people have no idea that when their GPS signal is turned off, their phone can still track them. That’s startling news for many who already worry about a lack of privacy, like Chris F of Tampa who says, “Of course it’s a concern. It’s 2013 and we have concerns for our lives and our privacy and what people know and what we don’t want people to know.”

Even with the GPS off, your smartphone communicates your location to Google and Apple using Wi-Fi signals and cell towers. If you are one of the few who reads the privacy statement, you’ll see that Google’s essentially says even with your GPS is off, your phone can (and will) outsmart you. Then, as it’s outsmarting you, it stores the information in your “Location History.”

It’s impossible not to wonder who sees the information and it becomes a trade-off between privacy and convenience. Google uses the information to target ads, pop-up coupons, or make suggestions for what’s nearby.

If targeted ads and suggestions for the best Thai food nearby aren’t enough to calm your nerves, here’s how to turn off the location history on your phone:

1)      Go to your settings

2)      Select privacy

3)      Choose location services

4)      Go into system services

5)      Select frequent locations

Here you can turn off frequent locations and clear your history.



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