Farmers Utilize GPS Tracking Systems for Better Harvests

For years now, farmers have been using GPS tracking systems to keep track of their yields and to control planting and spraying. Recently, John Deere released a GPS tracking system for combines and tractors with wireless data transfer that will make information the farmers already have even more useful.

The wireless data transfer allows farmers to upload various pertinent information like moisture levels, soil type, field condition, mapping, and yield and then share it with others like an agronomist or the local co-op.

Agronomists analyze the data and make recommendations regarding fertilizer, planting, or other chemicals to maximize yields. All the information from the agronomist can be downloaded to the GPS for future use.

The new technology also allows for different areas within the same field to be treated differently, although the system is unable to treat adjacent rows. As manufacturers continue to improve the technology, it will be possible to treat adjacent rows differently in the future.

Although farming technology is changing rapidly and not all farmers are in a hurry to embrace change, many are adapting quickly and those who aren’t still show a willingness when it comes time to replace equipment.


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