Ski Resort GPS Tracking System Makes Snowboarding Safer and More Fun

GPS tracking systems are now being used by several ski and snowboard resorts worldwide for two primary reasons: more safety and more fun.  Many families love going on ski/snowboard vacations together.  But sending your young off children off to ski school by himself can be a bit disconcerting. What happens if your child gets lost or hurt on the mountain, how would you know? How would you be able to find him?

Well, don’t fret. The good news is that with a specialized GPS tracking system called Flaik, skiers and snowboarders can be located in real-time.  If a skier needs to be located immediately, a resort employee can log into the system with an internet connected computer or phone.  The web-based GPS tracking system can instantly display the child’s exact location.

Last winter, at Copper Mountain in Steamboat Colorado roughly 80,000 children in the ski and ride school were successfully tracked. The GPS tracking system provides an unprecedented level of safety, security and peace of mind for skiers, snowboarders,  parents, instructors and resort operators. The GPS tracking system enables skiers to view their runs down the mountain online, so it is a great way to enhance the level of fun and competition.

The GPS tracking device is small, about the size of an iPhone. The GPS tracking system is strapped to the skier’s leg, most people forget it’s even there.  During ski school or snowboard lessons, if a student moves beyond a certain distance from the instructor, the GPS tracking system sends out an automatic alert. The distance is set by the ski resort based on the level of the class.

The GPS tracking system can also track skiers speeds, making it easier and more fun to monitor progress or competition on the slopes. After along day of skiing, you can log into the tracking system’s website and view which trails you skied and how long it took to complete the course. For students, the GPS system is great because you can monitor your progress and personal records. For those with a competitive spirit, the tracking data can be used to see who really is the fastest skier.

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