Fleet GPS Tracking System Helps Cleaning Business Save Thousands

Fleet GPS tracking systems are being used more and more by local San Diego businesses, especially service-based businesses with unsupervised mobile employees on the road.  A vehicle GPS  tracking system can not only improve worker efficiency but a GPS tracking system can also help to cut fuel costs and improve customer service.

“Within 90 days we were able to increase profits by over 10%. Wireless fleet management systems can put a spotlight on a worker’s habits that waste time and consume excessive fuel. Even the best employees aren’t always working as productively as they could be,” said John Barr, President of San Diego Windows and Decks Cleaning Services.

Barr invested in a FieldLogix GPS fleet tracking system for his windows and balconies cleaning company three years ago and has seen incredibly positive results.  “We have been able to drastically increase the number of cleanings per day while reducing employee overtime.  Drivers are no longer getting lost between stops, and I can know where my guys are at all times. Plus we cut back on fuel costs,” said Barr.

Barr started by testing the GPS tracking system on two of his vehicles. He immediately saw positive results, so he decided to install a GPS fleet tracking system in all 22 of his company’s vehicles.  The GPS tracking system monitors where the vehicles are in real-time. It can tell fleet managers if vehicles are currently  stopped, idling or moving. The tracking system can even notify you when drivers are speeding or late for arrivals.

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