Secret Service To Use GPS Trackers

Recently, the U.S. Secret Service posted a Request for Quotation (RFQ) intended to procure 200 brand name or Equal PT300 Sendum (GPS) Trackers.

The contract winner will be determined “based on three factors: Technical Capability, i.e. conformity with technical specifications and warranty requirements; ability to meet Delivery terms; and, Overall Price.”

According to Sendum’s website, the PT300 Sendum GPS Tracker “combines wireless technology with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to create package-tracking solutions that are small, low cost and offer long battery life.” The site continues by stating “Everyday, millions of dollars of property are lost, misplaced or stolen.” Sendum’s GPS tracking system is designed to help locate lost, misplaced, or stolen property.

Because the posted RFQ is unspecific as to which assets the Secret Service intends to track with the tracking system, one can only speculate whether they are people or objects in an investigation.


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