School District Spends Over a Million on School Bus Fleet GPS Tracking System

school bus GPS tracking real-timeSchool districts across the US are realizing the value in a school bus fleet GPS tracking system.  In Nashville, TN, a school district just spent $1.5 million for a new school bus fleet GPS tracking system.

A GPS tracking system can be beneficial to a school district for many reasons.  A tracking system can especially be very helpful in reducing conflict between parents, drivers, other school employees.

How School Bus Fleet GPS Tracking Works

The GPS tracking device automatically triggers when the ignition is turned on. The system can be used to determine if buses are hitting routes on time, or even if they’ve missed a stop. Some advanced tracking systems will do a fingerprint scan of your child every time he or she gets on and off the school bus.  This is an excellent way to keep track of a child’s whereabouts. Using the website for the GPS tracking system, parent’s can view the real-time location of the school bus and know whether or not their child is on the bus.

School bus drivers and parents don’t always get along. In St. Paul, MN, a GPS fleet tracking device was installed last year in over 300 school buses. On an average typical day, the public school system in St. Paul is responsible for transporting an average of 38,000 students. The school’s transportation department often receive dozens of calls a day from parents complaining that the bus never picked up their child. Until a fleet GPS tracking system was installed in every one of the school district’s 300 buses, it was the school bus driver’s word against the parent’s. That has all changed since the school district installed a GPS fleet tracking system.

Initially bus drivers were not too pleased about the news.  But after using the GPS tracking system for several months, bus drivers realized just how useful the fleet tracking system could be. Not only have the GPS fleet tracking devices help resolve heated disputes between parents and drivers, but in some cases, the GPS tracking system have saved bus drivers from losing their jobs.

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