Risks Associated with Drivers Using Personal Vehicles for Work

In an effort to reduce their overhead costs, many businesses allow employees to use their personal vehicles to complete their daily tasks. Take Uber for example, which relies solely on the personal vehicles of their drivers. While this strategy has paid off for some companies, it is important to evaluate the liabilities associated with this.

Liabilities of Employees Using Personal Vehicles

Vehicle accidents while working can place your company at risk for being sued. Here are the four most common liabilities:

Vehicle Superior

Due to the driver being in an accident and working for you, the company will be sued as well. To protect yourself against this implement strict policies on vehicle use while on-duty and include employee discipline if violated.

Negligent Hiring or Retention

If it is clear you already knew your employee was not qualified then you can be sued. To prevent this liability complete thorough background checks on employees and check internal performance with company reviews.

Negligent Maintenance of Vehicle

Even with the safest driver, if the vehicle appears to be unsafe you could be liable. For example, if there is a bad tire, bad windshield, or other part that may have caused the accident the company is at fault. Keep this from happening by ensuring vehicle conditions are above the required safety standards and having a mechanic check the vehicle periodically.

Negligent Lending of a Vehicle

Similar to the negligence of hiring or retention, if it was known before the accident that your driver was incapable of driving the vehicle the company would be at fault. Having a driver without a proper license or, a previous driving record or, other proof that could prove the driver was unfit to drive puts the business at risk. Prevent this by keeping a driver’s license copy on file, providing drivers lessons, or maintaining adequate insurance.

How Companies Protect Themselves from Liabilities

There is new technology to help improve work efficiency and safety. GPS plug-in or installed tracking devices helps monitor your driver’s behavior to improve driving habits and increase public safety. With these safety enhancements companies can utilize aggressive driving reports, speed limit violations, and improve employee supervision.

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