FieldLogix Introduces Vehicle Vitals for Fleet Health

We are thrilled to announce FieldLogix’s new feature, Vehicle Vitals. Now, businesses are able to enhance their vehicle’s lifespan by successfully monitoring certain aspects of the engine and device well-being.

The vehicle vital updates include:

The Check Engine Light: Instant notification so you can immediately address Vehicle problems

Miles Per Gallon Usage: Closely monitor your drivers Fuel Efficiency

Battery Voltage: Stay on top of Battery health and know when voltage is low

Engine Coolant & Oil Temperature: Keep an eye on temperature levels and maintenance requirements

Current Fuel Amount: Easily manage your fleet’s daily fuel levels

Device Health:  Monitor your GPS device’s Signal and Strength

With these important vehicle analytics, management can readily keep track of their vehicle’s conditions to further prevent any unnecessary damages to their vehicles. By taking advantage of these Vehicle Vital reports, businesses can save time and money from labor costs and vehicle costs.

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