Qualcomm and Samsung Team Up to Premier BeiDou GPS Technology in Smartphones

Qualcomm is elevating location-based mobile data with the use of China’s Satellite Navigation System, BeiDou.  The system allows Qualcomm-based devices access to an increased number of satellites providing improved location accuracy.

Qualcomm has teamed with Samsung to launch the inaugural batch of BeiDou enhanced smartphones in China with plans for global use in the future.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor is the first in the industry to use an integrated tri-band location platform that gives users more accurate location data. By simultaneously accessing multiple satellite networks and concurrently processing signals, smartphone users can optimize their pedestrian navigation and overall experience with location-based services, even in challenging locations.

Amir Faintuch, president of Qualcomm Atheros acknowledges the importance of the collaboration: “We see BeiDou’s support being an important factor for OEMs in China, and globally as well. With this new location enhancement, we believe our customers can bring greater differentiation with advanced performance, applications and services.”


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