Parents Tracking New Drivers Leads to Record GPS Tracking Sales


British GPS company, Bluetrack, is reporting record sales of its BOND GPS tracking device.  The device, like its namesake, is designed to track covertly and efficiently and has quickly become a favorite among parents with new teen drivers.  BOND is waterproof, easily attaches to the underside of a car, and utilizes wireless charging technology with a battery life of up to 15 days.  The memory also stores tracking positions even when no GSM coverage is available for later review.

Data can be reported either every hour or every four hours, or the device can be used for real-time tracking and transmit location data every few seconds. There’s also a sleep mode feature parents can utilize that will send an alert when the vehicle moves after a period of inactivity.

In 2011, young adults aged 17-24 accounted for about a fifth of traffic related fatalities in Britain. Although there is pressure on the government to mandate stricter regulations for young drivers, parents aren’t waiting around. Director of Bluetrack, Keith Walker, notes, “We are continually surprised as to the uses customers are employing our devices for with some models such as the BOND going through the door as quickly as we can make them.”

BOND is available through Bluetrack for about $350.


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