Portable Navigation Device Better Than A Factory Installed GPS System

Garmin GPS system NuviThe debate over whether portable a GPS navigation device is better than a factory installed in-vehicle GPS system has been going on for years. It appears that portable GPS navigation systems are starting to win the battle, according to a recent article on the Wall St Journal Blog.

While some people may always prefer to find their way using the satellite navigation systems built into their vehicles, the shift towards portable units began several years ago when people didn’t want to pay $1000 – $3500 for a factory installed GPS system when they could buy a portable GPS system for $100 – $500. A portable GPS system comes equipped with comparable GPS technology for a fraction of the price.

Even if you lose the device or it breaks or gets stolen, you can still buy another one and come out ahead financially. Aside from the cost, other advantages of the portable systems include the ability to use one system for multiple cars and to easily upgrade as new technology becomes available.

Portable GPS system devices are getting much better integrating with new voice recognition technology, which in the past was an area where portable devices have had trouble keeping up with factory installed navigation systems. GPS navigation applications that can understand speech, navigate, speak directions and transcribe speech-to-text messages are getting better every day.

According to J.D. Power & Associates study, 24% percent of drivers who own cars with a factory-installed navigation GPS system use a smart phone as a navigation alternative. Within that group, 28% prefer to get their directions from the phone. The survey also found 36% of drivers who own cars with factory-installed navigation also own portable navigation devices, and 28% of that group said they prefer the portable device.

Additionally, GPS navigation devices can save businesses thousands. A Motorola study concluded that companies save an average of $5,484 per employee per year by utilizing a GPS system. The savings was mainly attributed to an increase in mobile workforce productivity and enabling enterprises to become more efficient via a reduction in annual labor and fuel operating costs. A GPS tracking system can help your company reduce fuel and labor costs while improving customer service significantly.

There are many benefits for fleets driving with a FieldLogix Fleet Tracking System – better fuel use, routing, deployment, response times, safety, hours, maintenance and customer service. Depending on the size of your fleet, you may achieve positive ROI in less than a quarter by investing in a fleet tracking system. According to Carlos Contreras, Owner of Sunshine Landscape, “by cutting my labor costs by over 35%, FieldLogix paid for itself in only 1 pay period.”

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