Nissan’s Commercial Fleet Getting Autonomous Technology

Nissan will be implementing self-driving technology in its commercial fleet to better cater to customers who crave comfort and improved safety systems.

Philippe Guerin-Boutaud, corporate vice president of Nissan’s global light commercial vehicle business unit, believes incorporating autonomous features will increase sales of commercial fleet vehicles. “Autonomous driving will be applied to the commercial range, for all the possible benefits it offers the owner, including the attention to safety and the opportunity to improve fuel efficiency,” said Guerin-Boutaud.

The company has struggled in the U.S. commercial vehicle market despite success in other countries. Nissan is hoping the new features will appeal to small and mid-size business customers and generate growth in that sector, according to Guerin-Boutaud. Although the timetable will vary by country, Nissan remains adamant vehicles with the new technology will be in showrooms by 2020.

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