Never Again Forget Where you Parked with the Park’n Find GPS iPhone App

iPhone GPS app Park'n FindGPS tracking technology is exploding with new uses and applications….Wasting valuable time searching for your car in a parking lot is never a fun experience. It can be quite frustrating as it often happens at the worst moments – when it’s raining or when you’ve got a handful of heavy items. Well thanks to the Park’n Find iPhone App, it will never happen again.

The Park’n Find iPhone app obtains the users position using the iPhone’s GPS tracking capabilities approximates the vehicle location to a street address. Users are guided back to their parking locations with a GPS satellite image of the parking lot showing where their car is parked relative to their current position. The map keeps the area between the user and their car in focus with automatic map zooming and panning as the user moves closer to or farther from their parked vehicle. Additional guidance is provided by an arrow that shows which general direction to walk.

Park’n Find 3.0 enables users to attach photos, voice recordings, parking structure information, and memos. Users can even request a reminder when it’s time to pay the parking meter. Park’n Find can also track an unlimited number of parking locations.

Apple featured Park’n Find on its “What’s Hot” list of popular applications earlier this year (2010). User feedback has been highly positive and we can see why. Utilizing the iPhone’s GPS tracking technology combined with the Park’n Find app is one of the smartest ways to find your car. Never waste time again searching for your…now that’s worth $1.99.

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