Awesome New GPS Devices – Snow Goggles with a GPS Dashboard

gps snow gogglesThe World’s First Direct-to-Eye Communications Display in a Snow Goggle, Integrating GPS Technology, State-of-the-Art Sensors, and Superior Optics: Zeal’s Transcend Snow Goggle. Described as the most technologically advanced goggle in the world, it features advanced optics and Head Mounted Display technology, showing real-time data in a heads up display inside the goggles themselves. The Transcend GPS-enabled goggles, available from Zeal Optics in Fall 2010, features GPS & vertical odometer technologies, and provides real-time access to performance statistics including speed, altitude, temperature, and time.

Skiers, snowboarders and any other action sports lover are going to love this new GPS device – GPS enabled goggles by Recon. The ability to see video of what you just did is one thing, but to see it on an interactive map that displays speed and elevation is something that has never been done before.

This new snowboard technology will in essence be a ski and snowboard goggle where you view your cellphone screen, your speed and altitude on a small display on the inside of the goggle lens. The GPS system enabled goggles will feature a 15mm diagonal micro display will provide you with your real-time speed, jump hang-time, vertical gain/loss, altitude, temperature and will even include a stopwatch and GPS tracking capability for rescue situations – which is a great safety perk.

The GPS tracking system enabled eye wear also displays speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance traveled, temperature, time and even includes a chrono/stopwatch mode and run-timer. A micro LCD displays important information and appears to be six feet in front of the user. The googles come bundled with software that allows users to overlay the data on top of the GPS satellite imagery. Data tracking software will also be available allowing users to record statistics & share information with others. Minimum interaction is required during use, and sleek graphics are completely non-obtrusive for front and peripheral vision, making it the ultimate solution for use in fast-paced, alpine environments.

ReCon recently announced it is officially taking orders for their GPS system-enabled goggles. This would be a great gift for an avid skier or snowboarder. The Transcend GPS enabled goggles will come in one of two models that will have different lens options. The SPPX comes with a SPPX (lens auto adjusts based on lighting conditions) polarized and photochromatic lens that will retail for $499, while the SPX will retail for $399 with an SPX polarized lens.

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