Nearly One-Third of Drivers Unsure About Driverless Cars


According to research done by Autoglass, 30% of drivers feel unsure about driverless cars and are concerned they might be dangerous. Of the 2,000 UK drivers in the survey, 67% said safety concerns are the number one reason they would be dissuaded from purchasing a driverless car at some point, and 54% said they would not feel safe riding in a self-driving car.

Despite concerns regarding driverless cars, many drivers are excited about other auto technology becoming more mainstream, like a smart windshield. Although half of respondents aren’t sure what a head-up display is, drivers are hoping smart windshields will be water repellent and include things like digital shading and improved night vision.

Dr. Chris Davies, the head of technical superiority at Autoglass, feels “the car of the future is, in many respects, already here,” but said the research “reveals that although many drivers have an understanding of what the car of the future will look like, they aren’t quite ready to try it out just yet and they still enjoy the physical act of driving.”

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