New App Uses GPS Tracking, Allows San Diegans to Report Water Waste

As San Diego struggles through a third year of a severe drought, the city has introduced its “Waste No Water” app.

The app, available on both iPhone and Android phones, gives citizens the power to help conserve water by reporting waste and using the GPS Locator in the app to pinpoint where the water waste is happening. Some water waste people might report includes irrigation systems operating outside the early morning or evening hours, or sprinklers spraying onto the street instead of the lawn.

“Using this app, the power to conserve water is literally in your hands,” said San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

The information, including the address provided by the GPS tracking, is sent to staff at the city’s Water Conservation Department for resolution. The app also allows people to check on the status of their report, obtain information on the city’s mandatory water restrictions, or request a free water survey of their own property.

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