Delivering Dinner Saves the Holiday!

The most dreaded holiday is almost upon those who aren’t the most fond of cooking. With America’s biggest food holiday right around the corner, many people are left scrambling to come up with the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

As the food delivery industry grows, now even more consumers see the holiday as a perfect opportunity to jump on board! As a host or guest, this Thanksgiving will be filled with fresh meals ready to enjoy or fresh groceries awaiting some serious and fun-filled chef skills!

Today, there is more than just the on-demand food industry booming, even Thanksgiving dinners are entering more homes across the nation. A Nielsen survey has reported that the average American eats at least two Thanksgiving meals on this holiday because, split families has increased and “Friendsgivings” have become more popular. Respondents of the survey, ages 18-34 said they eat more than four Thanksgiving meals, showing that the younger generation of Thanksgiving hosts are the prime target. Also, meal and grocery deliveries see them to be more open to trying new and inventive food, especially ones who may be less experienced chefs.

With this being the start of the busiest time of the year for meal and grocery deliveries, it’s important that orders arrive to all customers on time for freshness and look presentable to ensure their customers are happy. This helps businesses build their customer’s loyalty, to be a >forever customer. Hey Goose!, a mobile app to help build routes, dispatch to drivers, and view drivers’ completed stops throughout the day, helps businesses improve their meal and grocery deliveries efficiently. The most loved feature by customers is the ETA alerts sent out from the drivers. Hey Goose! keeps drivers and dispatchers happy, which leads to more satisfied customers.

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