McDonald’s Trucks Go Green With Recycled Frier Oil

As of December 2012, McDonald’s delivery trucks in United Arab Emirates have reached a significant milestone; they have driven 800,000 miles on recycled cooking oil!

100 percent of the used oil from the UAE’s McDonalds restaurants is turned back into biofuel, through biodiesel producer Neutral Fuels.

The UAE, however, is not the only country McDonalds is operating the system in. Their vehicles in the UK receive 100 percent of their fuel from recycled cooking oil-based biodiesel. In Europe as a whole, 80 percent of the company’s waste oil is turned into biodiesel, and 37 percent of the total fleet is run on the fuel.

Even in the U.S, 75 percent of eligible restaurants recycle their cooking oil, contributing an average of 1,450 gallons of used oil every year.

But, you ask yourself, what can I do if I don’t have access to recycled cooking oil for my fleet of vehicles and I still want to both have a greener fleet and save on fuel costs? You can install a GPS Tracking system, like FieldLogix, which has been shown to save up to 40% on your fuel costs!


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