Environmentally Friendly Double-deckers Hit Streets of Preston

Hybrid double-decker buses will hit the streets of Preston, UK in January 2013. Bob Dunn, managing director of operator Preston Bus, said the new acquisitions were the 11th hybrid vehicles to join its fleet. Mr. Dunn acknowledged that they were able to reduce their fuel bill by 25%, which more than justified doing it.

Last September Mr Dunn announced that the Preston Bus would continue to invest in environmentally-friendly technology. In addition to the acquisition of the new hybrid vehicles, the company is also fitting the buses with telematics technologies to show how the drivers are performing. Mr. Dunn revealed that the GPS Tracking system enabled the company to reward drivers who were using fuel-efficient practices and offer extra training to those who do not.

Preston Bus has recently slashed nearly £30,000 off its energy bill after installing an energy management system on its fleet of 85 vehicles. The kit cuts carbon emissions by 56%, saving 168 tonnes of carbon.


Source: http://www.lep.co.uk/community/green-fleet-to-hit-city-streets-1-5280217

Image Source: http://www.ukbusawards.org.uk/content/images/stories/2010-SLImages/ENV-ADLHybrid.gif



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