Linx Electric Improves Customer Service With FieldLogix

Linx Electric provides complete electrical system wiring for commercial and industrial facilities of all types and sizes in southern Louisiana. In June, with a growing customer base and over a dozen technicians serving an area more than 1,000 square miles, the company needed a solution that would provide real-time GPS data and allow them to efficiently route and communicate with technicians for faster service.

Linx Electric chose FieldLogix GPS Tracking System and ever since the company has had “more efficient communication, faster customer service, and improved navigation,” said Danyelle Braud, Dispatch Manager of Linx Electric.


FLX logo-circle“Since installing FieldLogix, our technicians always arrive on-time to appointments and our customer service response times have gotten way better. With FieldLogix, I know exactly how long jobs take and can schedule appointment times more precisely, freeing up time for drivers to serve more customers. And we can handle more last-minute changes in a day because I can identify the closest technician and reroute him with just a few clicks,” said Danyelle.

“FieldLogix is the main tool we use for Employee Timesheet Verification. FieldLogix gives me the exact time when an employee started a vehicle, when he arrived or left a job site, and when the vehicle was shut off. l know exactly how long the employee took at each site and how long they worked during the entire day,” Mrs. Braud said.

Danyelle’s favorite features include:

* Closest Vehicle Feature – She can easily identify and re-route the closest vehicle to a location. “Dispatching drivers is so simple now, and efficient. I have saved thousands of dollars in fuel costs with this feature alone,” said Danyelle.

* Archived Routing Information – FieldLogix offers present-time and archival routing information so she knows where drivers have traveled and where they are heading. By combining location- and time-based information, she can easily track the exact number of hours to charge customers and verify employee hours worked. This helps with accurate billing, payroll, and fewer overtime hours.

* Route Planning – By watching vehicles en route, dispatchers can make sure drivers take the most direct route to any job site. She can rearrange, add, or delete stops at anytime during the day.

* Two-Way Text Messaging – Danyelle said, “Dispatchers and drivers don’t waste time on phone calls anymore. They simply text routing updates directly to the Garmin navigation unit.”

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