Krispy Kreme Van Fleet Adds Cameras to Telematics System


The delicious doughnut company is looking to improve safety and cut insurance costs by installing 3G cameras  in all the vehicles in its van fleet. The cameras will be installed in 50 light commercial vehicles and add additional visibility and control.

Krispy Kreme wanted to add the cameras to compliment its current telematics system, which monitors speed, acceleration, deceleration, cornering, and other driver performance indicators.

The cameras will give the company instant access to video and vehicle data, which can be used for driver training and in accident claims, among other things.

Logistics manager at Krispy Kreme UK, Ben Povey, said: “This solution will provide wide ranging benefits to our business without causing any disruption to our delivery operation. By selecting a 3G vehicle camera over a SD-card device, we can gain a live view of any incidents to ensure we are operating a safe and responsible fleet, while at the same time target insurance and fuel savings.”


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