How your fleet can flourish using eco-friendly vehicles

With the cost of fuel still being unpredictable, it has become more and more critical to come up with alternatives to mitigate this continued risk. Additionally,  petroleum consumption has now been shown to be very dangerous for the Ozone layer, and so, eco-friendly cars must be one of the ways to go to solve that problem as well. And its not just the environmental aspect, but also, there are several other benefits the transportation companies can derive from utilizing more eco-friendly vehicles.

Cost is one consideration. You might be concerned about the higher prices of the hybrid vehicles.  The electric and hybrid cars may seem expensive on the face, but you can easily estimate the ROI of investing in green cars by calculating the overall fuel savings.

But more importantly transportation companies should consider a more futuristic approach and paving the way to achieve benefits of green fleets for the next several years. It is very important to start thinking outside the box and going with more eco-friendly vehicles as an ideal option. Additionally, this way you may also attract more customers with your “green” initiative.

As you already know, you also have to pay road tax. If the fuel emissions of your fleet are lower, then you have to pay considerably less road tax. If the transportation companies change the gear by having the green cars, then they can end up paying no road tax. It is because of the fact that emissions under 100g/km are not taxed, so the eco-friendly cars may offer a way to reduce these costs as well. Also, paying fuel tax can be a problem for the transportation companies and switching to greener cars can help in reducing the fuel tax they have to pay otherwise.

Using a Green fleet tracking solution can help also, especially if you’re not sure about implementing an all out hybrid or electric vehicle strategy. By monitoring your drivers’ habits behind the wheel and training each to drive safer, more efficiently will reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Additionally, it saves you money by reducing unnecessary fuel use when idling, speeding, or driving a circuitous route.

To help your region and your company reduce carbon emissions, incorporate a sustainable fleet tracking solution today.


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