Company Pays Less For Fuel Now Than One Year Ago

With the rise of fuel costs and a sluggish economy, companies throughout the country are continually seeking for ways to reduce their operating costs. One way to reduce costs dramatically is through the use of a GPS fleet tracking system. These systems have long been known to save companies thousands of dollars in fuel each year. In fact, the Aberdeen Group recently surveyed users of fleet management systems and found that they were able to reduce fuel costs by an average of 13.2 percent.

Ron Dunphy, president of Dunphy’s Extermapest in Palm Springs, California has also seen a  significant reduction in fuel costs since implementing FieldLogix. “Before implementing FieldLogix, and when gas prices were lower, I was spending $3,400 a month on fuel for my 10 vehicles. After installing FieldLogix on my vehicles, I now spend $2,700 per month on fuel, even with higher gas prices!” These savings total $700 per month (or $8,400 per year), which is more than double the amount he spends on the tracking system. These savings are realized before factoring in the additional revenue that FieldLogix is bringing to his company. He states, “I no longer have to turn down jobs because my guys tell me they are too busy when, in fact, they are just sitting at home having a beer. By knowing where they actually are, I can determine who can take what service call and bring in more revenue for my business”.

FieldLogix is an advanced, yet affordable fleet management product that provides real-time location updates for vehicles and construction equipment. It automatically monitors activities such as excessive engine idling, speeding, and personal use of company vehicles. It has been described as “GPS on auto-pilot”, because users can create operating policies in the system and they will receive e-mail alerts when operators do not comply with these policies. This includes alerts for after hours use, excessive speeding, excessive idling, and deviations from a specified operating schedule. In addition, it provides real-time location updates for vehicles and equipment and sends maintenance reminder alerts when they are due for service.

Companies that have implemented FieldLogix have also seen significant reductions in labor costs, overtime costs, and maintenance costs. The Aberdeen Group study reports a 13.4 percent reduction in overtime costs by implementing a fleet tracking system.

Now is a great time to implement a fleet tracking system. It helps companies cut waste and run a “tighter ship” when costs are high.

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