GPS Vehicle Tracking Popular in Businesses of all Sizes

mobile fleet vehicle driving on the roadGPS vehicle tracking devices are a popular tool for thousands of business owners. Fleets with only one vehicle all the way to original equipment manufacturers like Ford, GM or John Deere are including GPS tracking devices in their vehicles. GPS tracking software is most frequently used by businesses in the service, transportation and manufacturing industries. Companies with fleets of one to to fleets of 10,000, such as FedEx, rely upon their tracking systems to improve their profitability.

Fleet tracking is very popular across many industries for several different reasons including:

HVAC & Mechanical – Increases employee accountability, reduces fuel costs, increases the number of jobs you are able to complete by identifying available, nearby service technicians, creates optimal routes and driving directions.

Municipalities – Documents all driver activities, reduces fuel expenses, eliminates unauthorized personal and after-hours use of fleet vehicles, reduces insurance costs.

Plumbing – Verifies work orders, improves customer support, lowers fuel costs, monitors and reduces excessive speeding, and can recover stolen vehicles.

Refrigeration Services -Decreases unnecessary idle time, enhances routing & dispatching, optimizes scheduling, service performance metrics, and reduces insurance costs.

Waste Management – Reduces operating expenses, improves customer service, increased the number of stops per day, and optimizes route efficiency.

Residential Services & Construction – Monitors job site activities, able to take-on new clients by quickly locating the nearest available vehicles, reduce response time, reduce fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Courier Services – Improves customer service and the ability get more jobs done with real time location of fleet delivery vehicles.

Distribution & Trucking – Reduces fuel expenditures, reduces insurance expenses, ability to create and distribute last minute routing changes; ability to track after hours driving and unauthorized cargo access;  records important information for tax reasons; monitors trucks usage by each state; improves driver efficiency; reduces speeding, increases driver safety, reduces fleet greenhouse  gas emissions; records data to meet or exceed emissions regulations.

Electrical Contractors – Verifies service calls and work orders, improves accounting and billing accuracy, improves customer service.

Automotive – Reduces gas costs, overtime and response time, betters customer service, stops employees from taking side jobs.

Concrete and Paving – Verifies job orders, monitors materials with customizable sensors.

Field Services – Decreases unnecessary idling time, enhances dispatching, improves routing, optimizes scheduling, improves service performance metrics, and reduces insurance costs.

Fire and Security – Monitors and documents time on location, improves billing accuracy.

Limousine and Transportation – Improves customer service, identifies available vehicles quickly and navigates drivers on optimal routes to avoid traffic driving directions.

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