10 Reasons Fleets Like GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

GPS satellite real time fleet truck tracking systemGPS vehicle tracking systems are a worthwhile investment for many fleets. Here’s a few reasons why fleets like using fleet GPS tracking systems:

1. Fleet tracking systems reduce business operating costs and increase fleet safety. Fleet tracking can identify bad drivers that speed excessively resulting in wasted fuel, excessive engine wear, drive up insurance rates and cause accidents.

2. Many fleet managers like using the system’s automatic mileage reminder to reduce downtime and enhances vehicle resale values by encouraging scheduled, preventative maintenance. Vehicle tracking systems can remind you when it’s time to rotate tires, change oil or perform other scheduled maintenance. Conversely, fleet management systems also can tell you if a vehicle is not actually in need of scheduled service which helps keep maintenance costs under control.

3. Employee productivity is often improved because fleet managers are able to document long lunch hours, monitor unauthorized breaks, prevent employee overtime and maintain electronic driver records to prevent vehicle usage after hours or on weekends.

4. Most insurance providers offer discounts of up to 30% for vehicles installed with a fleet tracking system because they are considered a lower risk.

5. Fleet GPS tracking systems improve customer service because the system is able to quickly locate and notify the driver that is closest to the client who just made a short notice request. No more guesstimated ETA’s.You can impress your customers by giving them precise arrival or delivery times, based upon the actual location of your vehicles at the moment they call.

6. GPS Fleet tracking systems identify which employees are more productive and should be rewarded. Conversely you can identify employees that are slacking and may need to be penalized for their behavior. Use your fleet tracking system to correlate overtime performed with your employees’ overtime requests. See who is putting in extra time and who is not.

7. Fleet managers can rest assured knowing that they’ll never have to make another phone call to find out if their employees are where they say they are.

8. No more second guessing yourself during customer disputes. Your fleet tracking system can tell you the exact time and date each employee reached each and every customer. If a customer questions when your employee arrived or left, you’ll have the accurate GPS data prove it to them.

9. Make life easier for your dispatcher. Simplify mobile asset management by displaying everything on one computer screen.

10. GPS Fleet tracking systems work without any input from the driver. No more manual driver logs needed. Electronic driver records also come in handy in case of an audit, last minute meeting, and especially during tax time.