GPS Tracking Used by Police to Locate Items Stolen from Lil Wayne Video Set

mobile-recovery-3723-REV-0264-con-768x432-mainA GPS tracking system was used by police to recover items stolen from a trailer used for a Lil Wayne music video. Time and time again, criminals forget that items such as laptops and cel phones are equipped with a GPS tracking system.  Police can easily use the GPS tracking system inside these stolen items and make the proper arrests.

According to police, on Friday February 18, the man pretended to be a back-up dancer and was able to gain access to the trailer. The trailer had just been moved to Citrus College in California from South Africa, where it had been used on the set of Lil Wayne’s latest video production. Lil Wayne is an international hip-hop superstar and he was filming a video with Porcelain Black.

The man gained access to the trailer and stole a Louis Vuitton purse, a laptop, a wallet, tickets to an NBA All-Star Game, and other valuable items. Unfortunately for the thief, the laptop was equipped with a GPS tracking device. With the help of the laptop’s GPS tracking system, police located the laptop inside the home, where police arrested a 20-year old young man. He was immediately taken into custody and bail was set at $20,000.

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