Best iPhone Apps for Green Fleet Fuel Management

Green Fleet Management iphone appLooking for easy ways to turn your ordinary fleet into a green fleet?  Or simple ways to save money on gas?  Check out the following iPhone apps. They can help fleet management save time, money and reduce your fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas Cubby helps drivers track vehicle gas mileage and maintenance. Drivers can track vehicle MPG, gas prices, driving expenses and can provide customizable service reminders. The app stores all the important vehicle data and can support a fleet of many vehicles. Gas Cubby costs $6.99.

Trip Cubby is from the same developer of Gas Cubby, but designed for drivers who need to track mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement purposes. The app allows you to log expenses for multiple vehicles and drivers. If a user gets a phone call while in the middle of entering in data, don’t worry. The data will be stored and retrieved the next time the app is launched. TripCubby costs $6.99.

GreenMeter measures a vehicle’s engine power and fuel economy, and evaluates driving to increase efficiency, decrease fuel consumption and cost, and lower the environmental impact. Results are displayed in real time. GreenMeter costs $5.99.

GasBuddy uses GPS tracking to help users find the cheapest gas stations nearby a driver’s current location. Gas Buddy costs $2.99.

AccuFuel helps drivers visualize how their driving habits affect fuel efficiency. Gas mileage can be viewed according to the vehicle driven, and multiple vehicles can be tracked. The app can also be customized to use the full odometer readout or the trip odometer. AccuFuel costs $.99.

FuelGage is very similar in functionality to AccuFuel, but it does not have graphs. It can tracks multiple vehicles and trip totals, plus it is good for splitting gas costs. FuelGage costs $.99.

iGasUp gives drivers the 10 lowest gas or diesel prices or the 10 closest stations to their current location. The app also provides directions and the distance to each gas station using Google Maps. iGasUp costs $2.99.

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