GPS Tracking System Used in School Bus Fleets Across U.S. to Keep Students Safe

school bus fleet GPS tracking systemFleet GPS Tracking System For School Buses Keeps Students Safe & Makes School Districts More Efficient

For schools, providing safe transportation is always a top priority. School boards are under pressure to not only provide a safe, reliable transportation service to school children and their parents, but also to run as efficiently as possible in light of today’s budget restraints. A fleet GPS tracking system can make a school bus fleet more profitable, plus it helps to keep children safe.

Hundreds of school districts across the U.S. are using a fleet tracking system to monitor their school buses. Sensitive receivers placed inside the buses get readings from a system of 24 satellites in space, then transmit location data by wireless network so that they can be read from a remote computer.

By capturing readings at regular intervals, usually every few minutes, GPS fleet tracking systems illustrate the bus as it progresses on its route. Multiple vehicles can be viewed over a map simultaneously. This is called active tracking.

Active GPS tracking helps school districts be accountable to parents and taxpayers in the event buses encounter mechanical breakdowns, accidents, weather-related incidents or traffic delays. The fleet tracking system can guide drivers who have gotten lost or need to re-route at the last minute.

The fleet tracking system allows the district to track bus locations on a map in real-time, pinpointing each pick-up and drop-off. Tracking buses is beneficial in analyzing fuel-efficient routes, emergency situations or accidents.

The fleet tracking system can also check the travel history of a bus. This feature can be used to help determine if a bus missed its stop. Additionally, they can relay to parents the location of a bus if needed.

Supervisors can also monitor drivers’ speeds and keep the vehicles on a regular maintenance schedule. If the fleet tracking system detects a driver is speeding, it can automatically send an e-mail alert. Previously, the only way to know would be to do radar checks or rely on complaints.



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