GPS Tracking System Leads Police to Walmart Thief

A man was arrested on Monday after he was caught stealing computers and other equipment from a local Walmart in Havelock, North Carolina. Police made the arrest all thanks to a GPS tracking system.

Walmart security called the police because they saw the man loading up his shopping cart with three computers, but then he darted out the store without paying for the merchandise.

Security was able to get the license plate of the man’s vehicle as he drove out of Walmart’s parking lot. Police found out that the car belonged to a local rental car company, reported Havelock’s Channel 9 News.

When police called the rental car company, they told police the vehicle was equipped with an advanced GPS tracking system. Using the tracking system, police were able to locate the vehicle in real-time and disable it.

Police tracked the vehicle to a local motel, where they found the suspects and the vehicle with its hood up. The man was trying to figure out why the vehicle wasn’t working.

The suspect is facing felony larceny charges, according to Channel 9 News Crime Report.

The rental car company just got a huge ROI on its GPS tracking system. Without a GPS tracking system, police can take days, weeks, and even months to recover stolen assets – if they can recover anything at all.

A GPS tracking system allows an owner to track the location of their assets in real-time, and can locate a stolen vehicle or piece of equipment within minutes. Police can often recover stolen assets in less than 24 hours.

There are dozens of other reasons to have a vehicle tracking system installed. But suffice it to say that this reason is at the top of the list. Being proactive about vehicle theft prevention will help keep you from becoming a victim. And that is peace of mind we all can use.


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