GPS Tracking System Helps Recover Stolen Money From Bank

A GPS tracking system was used to recover a bag stuffed full of stolen hundred dollar bills from a Bank of America branch in Buffalo, New York. The bag full of money was hidden inside a garbage can. Thanks to the GPS tracking system, police were able to quickly recover the money. The police will not disclose how the tracking device got inside the bag full of money. They did confirm that the GPS tracking device was placed inside the bag of money during the robbery by someone at the bank. Buffalo City Officials said that the tracking device is so small and so well concealed that a robber might need to go through each bill or stack of bills to find it. 

Buffalo City officials disclosed the information during the post-event news conference. “The device was given with the money,” said Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda. “That’s all I will say about it.” Additionally, the Buffalo Police Department has been installing GPS tracking systems into patrol cars over the past year.

City officials said they believed this was the first time a GPS tracking system was used in the local area to catch a bank robber. Information about the GPS tracking system such as its size, how it was inserted into the money bag and how the device was activated remain unanswered, as police and city officials did not want to disclose too much about their latest ally in the fight against crime.

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