GPS Tracking System Helps Police Find Stolen Truck And Building Supplies

Last week Corpus Christi police used a GPS tracking system to locate a man who had stolen a truck loaded up with building supplies.

Police say employees at the construction business arrived at work and realized a chain link fence behind the business had been run over and a Ford F-150 truck that was loaded with shingles was missing.

Police officers were able to find the stolen vehicle using the GPS tracking system installed inside the truck. Police said they found the truck parked on a local street. Someone had painted over the construction business logo to disguise the stolen truck.

Apparently, the thieves did not realize the vehicle was equipped with a GPS tracking device.

Using the information from the vehicle’s tracking system, police officers were able to track the suspect’s movements overnight and recovered the load of shingles dropped off behind someone’s house. Carpeting materials had been placed over the building supplies in an effort to cover up the stolen goods.

The suspect was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, drug possession, and evading arrest.

Law enforcement agents were able to find the truck, arrest the suspect and recover the building supplies in less than 48 hours, thanks to the GPS device.

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