GPS Tracking Helped Catch Car Jacking Suspect and Stolen Vehicle

A quick thinking car jacking victim used his vehicle’s GPS tracking system and his laptop computer to lead police to the suspect, according to North Jersey Police.

Stalin Guzman, 24, of Paterson, New Jersey, was walking to his car when he saw a man on the street. They made eye contact and the suspect allegedly pulled a silver-plated gun and demanded that Guzman step away from the car. He allegedly made that same demand several times before cocking the gun’s hammer, according to Lt. Ronald Humphrey.

Guzman relented and allowed Sermond to drive off. Immediately after, Guzman used his laptop to track the car by using GPS tracking system software on his cell phone, which he had thrown into the car before the robbery, Humphrey said. “He was giving the directions to the officers on the scene, who gave it out over the air to other units,” said Humphrey.

Police eventually found the car. The suspect saw the police converge and fled on foot, allegedly throwing a gun away as he ran.

He was later arrested and charged with robbery, possession of stolen property, resisting arrest and several weapons offenses.



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