GPS Fleet Management System FieldLogix Cuts Fleet Fuel Use By 1,100 Gallons in Under Two Weeks

gps fleet management systems reduce fuel costsGPS Fleet Tracking System and Green Fleet Management System, FieldLogix, can help fleet managers to reduce fuel consumption and increase operating efficiency right away.  Most clients start seeing positive results from using the GPS fleet management system within 30 days. Because of this reason, FieldLogix offers a trial program so fleet managers can try out the fleet management system for free with no obligation.

At first Keil Southworth of Albertina Kerr Centers was unsure whether the FieldLogix  GPS fleet tracking and management system would really help him to cut costs.  So he decided to start with a few trial units to evaluate the product. He quickly realized how valuable and useful the system would be for his fleet.  Once the trial period was over, Mr. Southworth purchased 88 FieldLogix GPS fleet management devices for his entire fleet.

According to Keil Southworth of Albertina Kerr Centers, “Our fuel usage dropped by 1,100 gallons the first two weeks after installing the FieldLogix GPS units. The following two weeks our usage went back up 400 gallons but still was 700 gallons under our average.”

The whole point of the FieldLogix trial program is to get companies to recognize where the value comes from. There are many ways a Green Fleet Management System can help: fuel costs are reduced, decrease in harmful  CO2 pollution, increased safety, improved customer service, lower maintenance costs, and increased fleet productivity – for starters. FieldLogix can help companies become more efficient across the board.

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