Chrysler Launches New Electronic GPS Vehicle Tracking System

gps systems prevent theftGPS vehicle tracking system just launched by the Chrysler Group will likely be the company’s first step toward establishing a competitor for GM’s OnStar and Ford’s SYNC systems. The new system is a Mopar-branded Electronic Vehicle Tracking System.

Chryler’s new Electronic Vehicle Tracking System offers different levels of service. The basic plan is aimed primarily at protecting owners from vehicle theft. Using GPS fleet tracking technology from Guidepoint Systems, the Mopar device includes a GPS integrated stolen vehicle tracker that can provide real-time information on the vehicle’s location and includes a $1,000 “theft-protection” warranty from Chrysler.

The good news is the basic level Electronic Vehicle Tracking Systems do not require a subscription fee. This is useful to customers who want to avoid the hassle of ongoing fees while still taking advantage of the GPS stolen vehicle tracking system capabilities.

The Silver or Gold Electronic Vehicle Tracking System packages offer some interesting services. Both packages include what Chrysler is labeling a “security fence” feature. Basically owners can set speed and distance limits for their vehicles, and the system will then send out a text message if either or both are exceeded. Additionally the system  can alert owners  when a vehicle arrived at or left a given location, and provide a map of the vehicle’s past driving routes. 

This system would be excellent for my teenage niece who just got her driver’s license. It’s ideal for parents who want to keep a watchful eye on a young drivers’ driving habits. Although the young drivers themselves will not be excited about the system, it can give you the peace of mind that comes with always knowing where your vehicle is located.

The Silver package also comes with the ability to contact a 24/7 emergency dispatch service, along with the OnCall onboard panic button. The Gold package offers all other features along with access to an EVTS concierge who can assist with restaurant reservations, driving directions and the like.

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